Can you imagine a day without water?

Most Americans take water for granted. In Maine, with our abundance of clean drinking water supplies, we’re no different. We turn on the tap, and clean water flows out. We flush the toilet, and dirty water goes away. We hardly think twice of the multitude of ways that we rely on clean water.

The MWUA Public Awareness Committee is hoping to spread the message about the importance of clean water, not by:

  • – Talking about our aging and failing infrastructure
  • – Describing all the important Maine industries that rely on clean water (tourism, fisheries and aquaculture, agriculture – to name a few)
  • – Listing facts about the importance of safe, clean drinking water for maintaining public health and safety

But instead, by talking about something (we think) speaks volumes (in pints) about the importance of clean water: beer.

Maine’s beer scene has been steadily growing over the past ten years. According to the Maine Brewers Guild, in 2016, the State had 89 breweries, up from around two dozen in 2007. And what is the main ingredient in beer? Water. Though it varies by type of beer, the average pint is 95% water. Good water makes good beer.

In conjunction with the national Imagine a Day Without Water campaign, MWUA’s Public Awareness Committee created beer coasters to distribute to local Maine breweries that rely on a public drinking water source to brew their beer. Each year on Imagine A Day Without Water, MWUA and Public Awareness Committee members visit breweries to talk with the public about the importance of clean, safe, reliable public drinking water and how it relates to the contents of their pint.

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