MLI Train Triad – Test

The LETT® – Finding America’s Future Leaders

The Leadership Enhancement Training Tool (LETT®) is a cutting edge profiling system created to measure character traits and the mental/physical toughness necessary to excel in leadership positions. At its inception, the LETT® was designed by behavioral health practitioners, and then validated by members of the psychology department at Princeton University. Not only is this program used by USN communities, including the War College, but it has also been adapted for use by sports teams, universities and businesses. The LETT® is an outgrowth of the extensive research conducted through Synergethics® in a variety of diverse venues. Its versatility is a function of innovative design features created through Synergethics®.

Because of its universality, the LETT® is easily modified to meet the needs of each organization’s preferred leadership attributes.

Some of the ways in which organizations have used the LETT® :

  • To measure potential for strategic leadership within the military.
  • To evaluate coachability and leadership potential of individuals on college sports teams and in businesses.
  • To build team cohesion in newly created, corporate profit centers.

Collectively, more than 30 different attributes make up the LETT® assessment, and the ultimate form the LETT takes is determined by an individualized consultation with MLI leadership, forging a tool specific to the customer’s particular needs. Among the many attributes examined are integrity, stress management, perseverance, decisiveness, emotional control and self-awareness. The LETT® is easily accessible online, can be taken electronically in 15 minutes or less and will return a personalized report within 24 hours of its completion.