Programs – Athletics


The Stockdale Leadership Model (SLM) is the gold standard for leadership throughout the United States Navy. Its emphasis on selflessness makes it a popular leadership tool for many team sports as well, college and professional alike.

The retired SEALS on the MLI staff have adapted the SLM to baseball, soccer, basketball and football. Anchored in a four-year relationship with an outstanding Division 1 football program, MLI has brought the SLM to the Black Bears of the University of Maine, a team using it with great success.

“By training our players about the importance of these skills we are building a team ethos empowering their improvement and personal growth. The Stockdale Model gives us the foundation to compete at a higher level and at a significant competitive edge. I know that we will continue to work with Cogsports and MLI to bring each new class of student athletes up to speed and build on this effort” Jack Cosgrove. Head coach, UMO football.

The personal commitment of the players enables them to win not only on the gridiron but in the SEALS led initiative against bullying (SEALSfit), a campaign that is spreading quickly in Greater Portland and beyond.