LIFEFit and SEALSFit : “At the foundation of community”

The Maine Leadership Institute offers a continuum of youth leadership training and education programs. Starting with LIFEFit, a middle school program, and continuing with the high school-level SEALSFit, MLI’s programs focus on building strength and resiliency as the foundation of leadership. But strength is a combination of both the mental and the physical. Through seven weeks of classroom and athletic training, LIFEFit and SEALSFit build a sense of accomplishment, self-discipline, self-image, and self-respect. At the core, these programs train students to deal with the challenges they encounter in their school and community culture.

Key to the success of the LIFEFit and SEALSFit are the ability to foster:

  • Cross-cultural interaction
  • Community integration
  • A team culture focused on the physical and mental self
  • Development of life skills and the self-esteem and self-confidence to be able to succeed both as an individual and in a team environment

Both programs also focus on bullying and its prevention and the opioid crisis.

LIFEFit and SEALSFit Upcoming Events – Fall 2018