SEALSFit 16 Information, Fall 2018

The Portland Police Department and the Maine Leadership Institute are preparing for our sixteenth session of SEALSFit, a youth leadership course that incorporates physical training (based on the US Navy SEALs PT regimen) with values-based leadership instruction and mentoring by law enforcement personnel. During the previous nine sessions, we have provided training for a diverse group of Portland-area teenage youth in cross-cultural, interpersonal relations to develop a better understanding of teamwork, character, ethics, anti-bullying and group and individual communications.

Results of the previous nine sessions are universally positive. Youth participants not only show significant improvement in physical fitness, but in their self-awareness and cross-cultural understanding. Feedback from students and law enforcement community mentors participating in the program is universally positive and is helping to spread the significance of the SEALSFit program across the greater Portland community.

Session Sixteen is scheduled to begin on September 24th. As co-sponsors of the effort, this communication is the beginning of our recruitment efforts for the spring session. To learn more about what past youth participants and parents think about the program, please take a look our video interviews, located on this page. Recruitment continues through September 21st

For questions, click to see answers to Frequently Asked Questions, or contact Richard Borts at the Maine Leadership Institute: 207-774-8711 x103, or Officer Coreena Behnke, Portland Police Department: 207-874-8511,