Frequently Asked Questions -SEALSfit Winter 2017

  • How long is the course and when does it meet? The program is seven weeks: starting on Monday, February 27th, graduating on Thursday, April 13th; Three days/week – Monday and Friday’s are PT days; each Wednesday is a classroom experiential leadership session.
  • What are the meeting times? Meeting times are 4:00pm-6:00pm for all sessions. PT is held at the Cheverus Gym. Classroom sessions are held at the Cheverus Media Room.
  • Who is eligible to participate? 14-18 years old, enrolled in secondary school, willing and able to commit to attending ALL 21 sessions.
  • Do participants need any special equipment? No. Workout gear will be provided at no cost to participants.
  • How does one participate? You must be recommended by a reliable source, have your own transportation and complete the attached application and liability forms.